About Benjamin Baccarani

Also know as Bacca, Baccarani’s artistic journey began in San Francisco where he lived and studied commercial photography. Over the course of his training, he soon felt the need to break away from commercial projects.

His work revolves around the relationship between photography and our contemporary society. Since the democratization of the internet in the ’90s, media have largely contributed to the widespread of digital imagery. Technological breakthroughs such as camera-equipped smartphones lead to a culture of the “snapshot” that triggered an addiction to imagery worldwide.

Bacca’s process-oriented workflow results in a rich visual vocabulary. He offers a new kind of photography that is meant to be deciphered and that motivates the viewer to reflect on his relationship to the photographic medium.


2018 - Valbonne Art fair - Pré des Arts, Valbonne, France

2015 - Five Sixty - Paramount, Vancouver, Canada

2015 - Rubbye Skye - RAW, San Francisco, USA

2015 - The Axylum - The Art Social, Oakland, USA